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Great Valley Poultry in Manteca, CA raises healthy and strong chickens and sell their eggs to farmers markets. We have been organic certified since 2000 and pride ourselves in offering the most remarkable quality eggs to our clients. 

Don't take our word on how great our eggs are. Read the following testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers:

“My family enjoys several dozen eggs from Great Valley Poultry every week!  Whether in a great tasting scramble or rich baked dessert, we love the flavor and quality.” 

- Jennifer D., San Mateo, CA

“Without a doubt, these are the best eggs I've ever tasted. Before you even see the actual egg, you get a sense of the quality simply by holding it. Most store bought eggs feel so brittle that you fear puncturing the shell simply by pulling them out of the carton.  These eggs are solid and even require a bit more force when cracking them open, which is a good thing. Unlike commercially produced eggs, which have runny, pale yolks devoid of flavor, these feature a bold, orange yolk contained within a large albumin (egg white). The white cooks up nice and fluffy with the yolk sitting on top looking like a perfect half sphere. The taste is rich and buttery and you will savor each bite. The yolks are so well formed; they are practically a meal unto themselves!  Do your body and taste buds a favor and try these eggs!”

- P. Douglas, Burlingame, CA

“The first time I tried these farm fresh eggs I was hooked. They are so light and fluffy when scrambled.  My muffins and cakes are lighter and higher. Even my husband who is meat and potatoes and non-organic loves his fluffy egg omelets made with farm fresh eggs. We are sold!” 

- P. and Z. Coney

“There is just nothing like the eggs from Great Valley Poultry. From the delicate shells to the amazing flavor - store bought eggs just can't compare. They have changed my omelets, baking.....everything for the better. Thank you!” 

- Claire C.

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Follow these recipes of cooking eggs and impress every one with your culinary skills. 

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